Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing Is So Profitable

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing Is So Profitable

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, there is one that is almost always going to be worth the time to promote and that has something for everyone in every single niche. This is the Amazon affiliate marketing program and it is also one of the easiest programs for anyone new to the marketing world to get started with. They don’t have the highest payouts, but they more than make up for it with the number of customers that they bring in on a daily basis.

E-commerce cart concept illustration of young people using mobile gadgets such as tablet and smartphone for online purchasing and ordering goods. Flat guys and women sitting on the ecommerce symbolThe first thing that makes them so great is the fact that they carry almost everything. For review bloggers, people who work with DIY projects, and anyone who just wants to show off their home, there is almost always going to be at least one item on Amazon for each and every piece of content. This means that there is never going to be a time when a post or video goes up without an affiliate link. This also allows individuals to be extremely picky with what they advertise, allowing them to create a much more nuanced niche than other programs will allow.

The next thing that makes them so great is that they do a lot of the legwork for people wanting to use their program. They provide already generated affiliate links, have a great system for tracking gains, have an automated system to pay out, and generally don’t require more work than a few button clicks. This means that they are much less time consuming than smaller programs.

They also give commission not just on the items that are being promoted, but on almost anything that the person buys in their session after they have clicked a link. This means that targeting broad categories and choosing items that have extremely common “also bought” offerings may actually be more lucrative than picking out the perfect product. This is a lot more forgiving than other programs, and leads to a much higher likely hood of a sale being made with each and every click.

Their payment rate is also rather high, the highest it goes is 10%, but it doesn’t seem to dip much below 6%. This means that each and every sale is worth a few dollars, and sometimes it is worth a bit more. Targeting higher end brands can sometimes be a great strategy because the percentage based payments allow for much better sales potential.

Finally, the program is not very restrictive, allowing for many different products to be promoted at the same time and even allowing for other companies to be mentioned within the same piece of content. This means that the program can be used in conjunction with others, ensuring that a steady stream of revenue can be created from a number of different sources.

Overall, Amazon affiliate marketing is likely to remain one of the most efficient ways to generate revenue and get one’s followers to look at a variety of products that they feel they can trust.

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